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What is KFC Fitness?

KFC (Kettlebells, Floor & Core) Fitness is our circuit training session, designed to tone and shape otherwise difficult areas.

It uses a mixture of equipment including, Kettlebells, Skipping and Battle Ropes, Dumbells, Medicine Balls for stations in a circuit style.

Health Benefits

Core strength and fitness is VITAL to your overall health and well-being, without core strength and flexibility you can lose mobility, suffer with pain and weakness which can lead to back problems and pains.


Keeping your core in order will help prevent and reduce risk of these chronic issues arrising.


KFC Fitness sessions are ideal for aiding recovery from these pains as well, and you work to your level.

It is suitable for anyone and is adjusted to your level of fitness and ability, and can help in recovery from injury of weaknesses in the body.

Great KFC session today, everyone did so