Taijutsu Self Defense

Learning to control your adversary after a throw.

Ewan Liser Title Belt Taijutsu MMA

Ewan Jack 'The Gripper' Lister winning his MMA Title Belt

Taijutsu MMA

What is Taijutsu?

Taijutsu is a well-rounded Japanese art that teaches striking, grappling, joint manipulation, a variety of weapons and more.

In general it is comprised of an even mix of strikes, throws, and joint manipulation. The main focus is empty-handed defense, with a full curriculum including training in a variety of ancient Japanese weapons including the sword, knife, long and short staff, spear, chain and a variety of others.

It tends to be taught as a well-rounded art and is an excellent choice for those interested in an art with a focus on self-defense who want a good workout as well. In general the exertion level is higher than some of the more relaxed arts such as Aikido or Taijiquan, but less than the traditionally more strenuous arts such as Muay Thai Kickboxing or Taekwondo.

It provides the skills which are key to surviving attacks on the street or in the field. The Taijutsu approach uses the natural complementary relationships of size, mood, intensity, purpose, legality, speed, and weapon lethality in a fight to create the appropriate tactics in each situation. Sometimes we can be outnumbered; sometimes we are armed with greater or lesser weapons; sometimes we face a faster or stronger adversary. Any given confrontation is totally unique.

Of course, the practitioner is not aware of those classifications when actually engaged in the second to second consciousness of self-protection combat. In that realm everything must be spontaneous, creative, and totally appropriate for the ever changing reality found on the brink of life and death. The classification breakdown is of value only for the purposes of explaining the training concepts to new students. In application Taijutsu is one flowing experience of efficient body work that produces the needed results.

Taijutsu MMA

Like the Sambo, Taijutsu successfully translates well to the modern world of MMA.

It's use of Western boxing techniques, Muay Thai kicking, knees and elbows, Jujitsu grappling and Judo throwing all combine to create a dynamic formula for the cage.

With this in mind we take the teaching approach of both defense and fighting, so it is an ideal Mixed Martial Art for those wanting to learn how to defend themselves and those wanting to compete in combat sports.

We teach Taijutsu in a Gi Jacket (grappling Gi) or for the Taijutsu MMA sessions without a Gi Jacket.

Kobudo Weapons Class

Kobudo Weapons (Han Bo)

Ewan Lister Taijutsu MMA